1. What was the last TV show you watched?
I’m currently watching Chris Moyles’ Quiz Night

2. What was the last alcoholic beverage you consumed?
A shot of sambuca

3. Have you ever lied to get out of a date or relationship?
No, I don’t think so

4. What do you think of velvet knickers? 
Sound weird

5. Have you ever been in the back of a police car?

6. Post a screenshot of your tumblr dash
I don’t use tumblr

7. Post a screenshot of your facebook newsfeed

8. What do you normally order in a bar/pub?

9. Have you ever wanted to be a police officer?

10. What is your usual everyday dress code?
I don’t have a “dress code”?

11. Do you lift weights?

12. Sherlock or Doctor Who?
Neither really, but Doctor Who I guess

13. Do you know self defence?
No, not really

14. What fandoms are you part of?

15. Who is your OTP?

16. Glitter or feathers?

17. Daisies or buttercups?

18. What countries have you been to?
UK, France, Spain, Greece, USA

19. Do you think schools should bring back corporal punishment?

20. Post a screencap of a Google maps view of your hometown, state or county.
I can’t be bothered

21. Have you ever self harmed?

22. Do you look after your body?
No, not really

23. How much sleep do you get per night?
At the moment around 8-10 hours

24. If you could take only one trip with the Doctor in his TARDIS where would you ask him to take you?
I don’t know

25. Do you think women look good in suits?
Some I guess

26. Matches or lighters?
I don’t know

27. What is your favourite type of cake?
Depends what I feel like

28. Who was the last celebrity you spoke to and what did you say?
I don’t think I ever have

29. Do you get starstruck?

30. Who was your favourite author as a child?
Jacqueline Wilson


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